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stones, trees, rivers.

The stones. Unchanging, resilient, fixated to their goal. You can push them, strike them, bury them, they don't care. You can try to change them, a stone they will remain. Their path is clear to them, no obstacle is worth of changing it. You can lead them down a different, better path, they will not waver from theirs. They have a goal and nothing, no-one else matters.

The trees. Growing, seeking, improving. From a tiny, frail sapling they grow, looking up, seeking more and growing ever more. They can grove into great trees, or wither young and become little more than empty shells. A tiny sapling, pushed down, kept in dark becomes like a stone, cold and unchanging. A great tree is near-impossible to crush, their power running deep. Trees have the most potential for greatness yet much care is needed to reach it.

The rivers. Changing, unpredictable, unstoppable. The rivers will not fight the stone, they will flow around. They will not envy the tree, merely acknowledge it while passing by. Rivers take great force to change, even more to keep them such. You can't seal a river, no matter how good your seal, one day it will fail. Rivers can be great obstacles or allies.. depending on whether your goals align. With a river on your side no mountain can stop you. Unless the river just decides to flow around...

Foolishness, truth, wisdom? I have no idea.
Humans are...
A strange epiphany after a sleepless night. Maybe I am going insane... 


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Uldis Zvejnieks

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